Provide comfort in lodging with quality and fair price.





cultivate and pass on the essence of "good service". Driven by the satisfaction of our guests and employees contribute to a happy and harmonious relationship between individuals.





believe that the quality of services is directly related to the commitment to truth, transparency and commitment of the team. Always act with professionalism, good humor and optimism to achieve joy in hospitality.




The Hotel Montana is committed in preserving the environment.


Here are some actions where we protect the environment and conserve natural resources.

* Showers and faucets equipped with aerators (avoid water wastage)

* Cleaning and laundry biodegradable, do not harm the environment.

* According to the program of PURA SABESP (Project Rational Use of Water)

* Use fluorescent lamps that consume 4 times less compared to conventional lamps.








HOTEL MONTANA, AV. JUCA PRETO, 109 - CENTRO , SERRA NEGRA, SÃO PAULO 13930-000 Brazil    +55 19 3892-8280
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